Who we are

In 1979 thanks to the instinct of the founder Sicilia Quinto was born Suolificio Silvy, a piece of history of the footwear in Vigevano.

The company was initially specialized in the production of leather and rubber soles for man, woman and child and over the years has introduced new raw materials such as rubber, microporous, wood and cork, with the addition of synthetic materials such as TR and TPU.

The intuition and the experience as designer of the owner bring the Suolificio Silvy to a close collaboration with the most famous designers in the footwear sector to create new soles with advanced models and materials.

This attention to the fashion world and the continuing search to meet the customer needs to guide us to use machines more and more technologically advanced, reaching a production capacity of 4000 pairs per day.

Despite the advanced technology, our products maintain the characteristics of the traditional processes, peculiarities appreciated for over 30 years, not only in Italy, but also in Europe and worldwide: from Australia to South America, via Canada to USA; also Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt become Suolifico Silvy customers.

To maintain the contacts and to open a window to the world we have always participated to the "Lineapelle" Fair; since its first editions in Milan to the last ones in Bologna.